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It has been six years since the release of the original Assassin’s Creed, a title which introduced us to the millennia old battle between Templar and Assassin. Our first visit to this world was through the eyes of Desmond a young man who had been captured by Templar ran company Abstergo and made to interface with the Animus, a device which could reach into a person’s genetic memory and allow them to relive their ancestor’s lives. You see Desmond is the latest in a long line of very famous Assassin’s, ones who knew many secrets which the Templars want to get their hands on.

Our first trip with Desmond took us into the role of Altair, an Assassin who was around at the time of the Crusades. The first title was something of a muddled affair; it was embraced for its free-running action gameplay but criticized due to the repetition of the game. The second however shown that Ubisoft were willing to not only listen to feedback given by players and reviews but improve their game significantly in the name of establishing a strong and healthy franchise. Assassin’s Creed 2 took us into the role of Ezio during fifteenth century Italy.

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