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Ubisoft have announced the first Alpha footage of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Said to have been in development for three years the new title looks to be exclusive to the Xbox One/PS4 generation of console and also set in France.

Nothing has been revealed just yet relating to characters and features and this is also very early footage revealed in part due to this weeks earlier leak of details on the new title.

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You would be forgiven for being sceptical over the quality of South Park: The Stick of Truth. After all the game was originally announced back in 2012 and since then suffered a number of delays, the closure of its publisher THQ, a move to Ubisoft, a further delay into 2014 and the fact that the previous South Park titles have hardly set the world on fire. In addition to this the company behind it Obsidian have a history of fairly uneven output and who also seemed fairly busy with their Project Eternity/Pillars of Eternity project on Kickstarter. So you would definitely be forgiven for thinking this would be a mess of a game.

The good news is that all your worries can be set aside because Obsidian has seemingly against the odds managed to pull off a great game both of its own accord and also one that is faithful to its source material. Of course one would have expected some faithfulness to the source material seeing as Trey Parker and Matt Stone were involved with the project from day one, having them themselves gone to Obsidian with the project.

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The sequel to physics based, and might I add incredibly fun, Trials series has had its release date announced by Ubisoft. The new game titled Trials Fusion will release on April 18th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms for the price of £15.99. There will also be a Season Pass made available for a further £15.99 which will allow access to 6 DLC packs released between now and 30th April 2015. Each pack said to contain new tracks, bike parts, rider gear and items for the world of Trails Fusion.

For those unaware the Trials series challenges players to complete a course full of obstacles and physics based challenges and get the fastest time they can with the fewest mistakes. It’s an incredibly challenging but more importantly fun game. The new game features a brand new trick system and the ability for players to create their own tracks.

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The brand new South Park game which has been in development for quite some time has now finally gone gold. The title which has been developed by Obsidian was originally going to be published under the Thq brand but with Thq going under the rights were bought by Ubisoft.

the Stick of Truth has been written with input from Trey and Matt themselves and is scheduled for release later this month.

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Ubisoft have announced that their upcoming package to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Far Cry franchise will release in the UK on the 21st February for a price of £29.99 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 or for £24.99 on the PC.

The package includes Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Far Cry Classic is also avaliable as a standalone downloadable package for the price of £7.99, and is avalable now on Xbox Live and tomorrow on the Playstation Network.

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Ubisoft have today confirmed that the JRPG inspired title Child of Light is set to release on the 30th April 2014. The digital-only title will release on XBox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, PS4, Wii U eShop and PC Digital formats for the price of £11.99.

Child of Light takes you to the world of Lemuria, a world inspired by classic fairytales. Players will experience turn based combat inspired by classic RPGs and will face a length main quest as well as a large number of side quests.